The nature of the sealing is to prevent the sealed space and mass exchange between the surrounding medium. Sealing methods include the following categories:
1 to minimize the sealing parts
Carrying containers and equipment design should be as little as possible to set sealing parts. Especially for those handling flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive media containers and equipment should be less sealed connection.
2 blockage and isolation leakage path
In setting gasket sealing parts, the use of sealants, can greatly improve the connection sealing performance. As gasket or sealant has good deformation properties and being connected to element surface easily fit the surface of the micro-gap fill, block or reduce leakage of the fluid passage is sealed to seal the.
3 to increase the flow resistance of the leakage path in
Media leak through the leak path will encounter resistance. Flow resistance and the leakage path length is proportional to the equivalent radius of the leak passage to the fourth power (for flow level state), or 3 power (for molecular flow condition) is inversely proportional. For gasket, the gasket appropriately increase the width of the channel length is increased leakage, improve gasket sealing pressure, which reduces leakage channel equivalent radius increases leakage resistance, improve connections sealed.
4 using permanent or semi-permanent connection

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